Lore, a Tea & Gift Shop

2952 Welton St, Denver, Colorado

The Five Points neighborhood in Denver is something else. Let’s just say it’s up and coming. A mix of trendy and old reside side by side and makes your head spin a little… in a good way of course. I quite like hanging in this part of the town.

As for Lore, I discovered it on Instagram, as I do most of the times. Instagram is my new Google, guys! Anyhow, it’s a unique shop in the sense that it sells exotic tea and home goods and little gift-shop like items. And then on the side it has women’s clothing… the very shop itself defines the Five Points neighborhood, if you know what I mean. A little bits and pieces of everything bundled up in one place.

The store itself is quite pretty and tastefully decorated. There is a back room where the owners (Alex and Kiley) hold workshops every now and then. The goal is to do something community-centric,  an idea big in the general Denver area these days. Everywhere I go, people talk about community. I, however, feel like this community that the community is so proud of can be very selective at times… but that’s a different story for a different time and place.

The shop? It’s beautiful! Go have a look!

A penny for your thoughts?