From Project to Published

The year was 2015. January 2 or 3. I had a project idea regarding my newfound love for all things print. Print magazines to be precise. I called up Marc, my good friend here in Denver, and we headed out to this hip coffee shop – Black Eye Coffee – for a photoshoot.

It was just that. No expectations off of this project whatsoever. I simply wanted to take some photos with one of the print magazines I had just purchased (UPPERCASE), and post them on Instagram. Not unlike practically thousands of other people, I simply wanted to show off my new-found love for print magazines.

We did the photoshoot, I came home, edited the photos, and posted the one right below on Instagram, tagged UPPERCASE, then forgot all about it.

That night though, something completely unanticipated happened. Janine Vangool, publisher of UPPERCASE Magazine, liked the photo, left a comment on the photo with some pretty rewarding praises, and a few days later, my photos were on her newsletter and website. Even better? A few more days later, she offered me some real estate on the next issue of the magazine for a photo essay!

And that is how, my dear friends, I got published in a real print magazine for the first time. And not just any magazine! A time tested, established, QUALITY magazine, and I was commissioned, meaning, I was PAID for my work!

Moral of the story? Do not underestimate personal projects. And do not think only people with thousands of followers get to be published (I have less than 150 followers on my personal Instagram). Do what you do, enjoy what you do, share your work, share with the right people, mix in good karma and luck, and God willing, if you believe in a God (I DO!) that is, good things will happen when you’re least expecting them!