Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Boxcar Coffee Roaster is a hip cafe in Boulder, Colorado.

Boxcar Coffee Roasters
1825 Pearl St B, Boulder, Colorado

Boxcar in Boulder is a place for all the hip kids in town. Whether you are being cool and sipping your cortado while having some kind or another nerdy chat with a fellow nerd, or just doing your homework, you’ll be right at home at this place. Last time I was there, this place was buzzing. Literally. There were people everywhere, and even amongst all that chatter, some folks managed to look cool as ice cubes while doing assignments in full concentration mode. Even I couldn’t do that!

Digital nomads and freelancers, venture in at your own risk.

None the less, this place was super rad! I’d go there again just to go there again. And really, I totally would if it weren’t in damn Boulder! But I hear they have a second location in Denver now, so I’ve got to go see if this place is as cool as the one in Boulder. I’ll update as soon as I’ve had a chance.

Also? This place has FOOD!