Bellwether Coffee

Bellwether Coffee Shop is a boutique cafe in the historic Colfax Avenue of Denver, Colorado. Come here to meet locals, sit and chat, shop some tees and other goodies. It can get crowded, so not the best place for work, but it's a cool place to hang with friends none the less.

5126 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado

Open seven days a week, from 7a.m. to 10p.m. (midnight on weekends), this is place is perfect for hanging with friends or just meeting locals if you happen to be new in town, or just want to make new friends. Also a retail front for Ruckus Apparel, this coffee shop is always buzzing, therefore, perhaps not the best place for digital nomads or virtual/remote freelancers, especially on weekends. However, if you do happen to catch a quiet morning, or early afternoon, you can sit here as long as you want and do your homework or work on projects or whatever it is you do. The chai tea latte I had here was quite delicious. The only down side being they do not have much to munch on; a must have for me if I’m planning on staying longer and work. However, whatever they lack in food items, they make up for it by being extremely nice to the patrons. The baristas here make you feel like they could be your next best friend!

Oh and bonus? You can get a haircut or a shave while chilling and sipping on your tea or coffee… neat, eh?

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