Maliha Mannan is Muslim, engineer, photographer, reader, writer, blogger, web developer, etc.

Other than in this blog, Maliha’s photos can also be found on her photography portfolio. She also has a blog where she likes to experiment with writing.


Lomography Magazine

About Usual Habitat

Usual Habitat is a lifestyle and photography blog for Maliha’s experimental (and traditional) photographic ventures. A lover of all things photography related, she likes to try new and different things, and this blog was partly born out of the need to share some of the results of such trials. Expect to find posts featuring local people, places and convenient things that are around and about.


All the posts in this blog are written by and all the accompanying photos are shot by Maliha. These are copyrighted material, and therefore, please do not copy, share or recreate without explicit permission beforehand, and always with credit and link-back.

Collaboration is accepted only when they align with her personal taste, style, beliefs, and philosophies.