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Hello there!

I am Maliha.

I was born and raised in a very congested little city called Dhaka in a tiny spec of a country in the world map called Bangladesh. I moved to the US of A way back then, and have been bumming around in these parts, moving from one state to another for school/job, sometimes both. Right now I call Denver, Colorado, my home. Until the next destination, wherever that may be.

Photography is one of many passions, and I (periodically) take it very seriously.

Other than that, I’m a brown, Muslim, woman, engineer, reader, writer, serial blogger, web developer, etc. Major coffee shop junkie but never drink coffee. Soy chai latte (no water added) all the way, every day. Hot chocolate, occasionally. French toasts and white chocolate and Nutella-Banana crepes; a good book on weekends, work on weekdays…
Yeah, that’s about it.

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