With Elizabeth Endicott

Photo session with Elizabeth Endicott, at her cozy little abode in Denver.

Guys… what do you know?! I always find the coolest people on Instagram!! So, about a couple of months ago I somehow ended up on Liz’s Instagram account, and it took me like some 10-12 long swipes across my phone screen to run and get on my laptop and look up Elizabeth Endicott so I could send her a message. I did. She replied. Two months later, I was in her house, taking photos.

If you ask me what I found intriguing, then I have to say, two things. First, she had me at her colorful Instagram photos of all sorts of hand-made beauties. Second, she had me at Antarctica! Dude, I don’t know about you, but I have never met anyone who’s been to that particular continent. I am extremely jealous of people who have (and yet, not quite because… COLD… I mean, I’m having a difficult time in Colorado as it is, you know…) So, anyhow, After rescheduling a couple of times (tardy me or sick me or helpless me) I finally went over to her place yesterday. Yoohoo!!


But guys, seriously, her house is the coziest little thing I’ve ever been to. I just loved the touch of intimacy in every single room in her house. Retro furniture, hand made pompoms and hand lettered artwork, hand sewn pillows and all kinds of colorful, vibrant, and fuzzy things… May be because I’m so terrible at anything hand-made that I tend to look up to those who can make things with their hands. My mother used to make all kinds of things when I was young… somehow that talent didn’t pass on to me. I simply can’t!

Liz’s house is full of little ones; a little doll… I mean baby, three little cats, a not-too-little little dog. Despite all that, it was perfect and everything was in its right place! All the pillows lined up, beds made, rugs straightened. How do you do it, Liz? I am a single gal with no one to take care of except myself, and yet my place usually looks like there’d been an avalanche of … clothes, books, hangers, papers, mails, and anything and everything else.

Not Liz’s though. It was cozy but neat and clean and just the kind of place that makes you a little sleepy… you know… you want to stretch and cuddle with the kittens and get all warm and have that weird fuzzy feeling that cats give you, and you just sort of… drift away.

But well, I couldn’t possibly fall asleep, so I took photos. As fast as I could because I was already almost an hour late and after rescheduling so many times and then being late on top of all that… I just wanted to run ’cause I was so damn ashamed of myself!!!

But Liz was a sweetheart of course, and so easy to photograph. She didn’t give me any weird look when I asked her not to smile at the camera. She faced whichever direction I asked her to face and looked wherever I asked her to look. I even had her move her little one multiple times in various ways and she was totally cool with that! She’s one cool Momma!

Guys I seriously encourage you to check out Liz’s Instagram and her website. They reflect perfectly the kind of amazing and warm human being she is. I have always taken kindness for granted, but lately, I’m realizing that I shouldn’t. Times are different now and more trying than ever. So, I have to constantly remind myself to appreciate the open minded, accepting, gentle human beings when I come across them. Liz is one of them. Because of who I am and how I look, lately I have been kind of apprehensive of meeting new people, let alone going over to a complete stranger’s house! But not Liz. Even before I met her, just standing on her doorstep, even before knocking on her door, I knew I’d be safe in her house.

Hope you liked the photos, guys, and hope you’re having a decent week so far.

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