Sub Rosa Mercantile — A General Store for Hand Crafted, Witchy and Quirky Finds

Sub Rosa Mercantile, a modern day general store for all sorts of quirky and vintagey little finds!

There are stores you walk into and you are mind-blown by the aesthetics and the spot clean interiors. And then you end up leaving empty handed because the price tag is a little over your monthly spending budget and/or you really don’t need the items. You may not even want them much at all! And then there are stores you walk into and you instantly feel at home… like it was a place just for you to hang out and shop at. Sub Rosa Mercantile belongs to this second category.

Sub Rosa Mercantile in Denver, Colorado.

Sub Rosa Mercantile in Denver, Colorado.

Sub Rosa Mercantile in Denver, Colorado.

You do not want to be in this place simply because the person manning the store is just one of the coolest people you met in a very long time, not because the store feels so damn cozy, not even because it smells heavenly with all the musky candles burning. But because you actually want to take some of these items home with you. May be a candle that just has that perfect wintery smell you were looking for, or a vintage bandana you have been meaning to tie around the neck of your ukulele, or that thing — that “pit-cream” thing you never knew existed. Or, if you’re like me, you may have been looking for a peachy body scrub, or some eye-kohl. A vintage typewriter may be for the shelves you just put up in your living room?

Sub Rosa Mercantile in Denver, Colorado.

Sub Rosa Mercantile in Denver, Colorado.

Sub Rosa Mercantile in Denver, Colorado.

You probably know where I’m going with this. I fell in love with this shop. And I wanted to be best friends with Maddy, the super awesome person manning the store, who also happens to be the owner of Sub Rosa Mercantile, and what a pleasure it was photographing her! She is a natural!

Maddy hails from Santa Fe, and ended up in Denver after spending time in New York City and then Oakland. She is a real trooper. I asked her why she opened Sub Rosa, and her response was just so simple — there wasn’t that shop in Denver that she wanted to shop at, so she just opened one herself!

THAT’S RIGHT, Maddy!! We needed this!

Sub Rosa Mercantile in Denver, Colorado.

Sub Rosa Mercantile in Denver, Colorado.

I go to a lot of local shops… that’s just something I like doing — get to know the locals, the casual hangouts. But it’s not every day I find a place I want to go back to and call it my regular hang-out spot. Well, Sub Rosa isn’t exactly a hang-out spot per se, but hey… whose gonna stop me?! I’m going back next time for that pit-cream, heck yea!

If you want to check out a store for… well, there are many things you can get at Sub Rosa, but my personal favorites are the natural beauty products. The body scrubs, lib-balms and various creams and tinctures. All made by folks around the US, specifically from New Mexico and California. It’s a must stop for anyone visiting, moving to, or living in Denver, take my word for it!

Sub Rosa Mercantile
2337 West 44th Avenue, Denver, Colorado

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    1. Thanks Madeline. May be some day you’ll visit Denver and you’ll have a chance to stop by Sub Rosa Mercantile.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog 😊

    1. Hi Ronee, you totally should! Not only that the shop is cute, but the sunny side neighborhood itself is very interesting. There are other shops in the surrounding areas that you may also like, and Common Grounds Coffee is just a block down the road.

      Thank you for stopping by my blog 😊

    1. Hi Hollie, you never know, it just might! You could start small with may be some pop-up shops in your town to see if locals are interested or not…

      If you don’t mind me asking, where do you live?

      Thanks for your kind words, Hollie, and thanks for stopping by my blog. 😊

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