Spring and New Projects: Denver Folks, I Need You!

Times like these make me want to do things that other people do with their blogs. You know… SEO, social media marketing, etc. You see, I am thinking of starting a new project. Something a little different from what I have been doing for the most part. I think most of my work focuses on single subject portraits that are, how should I put it, pretty serious looking. Which is all great; I do love what I have been doing so far, but, now I want to widen my experiences and style, if I may.

With that in mind, and what with the new season and all, I have decided to work with multiple subjects. A family (or families rather) may be. “Family” sounds too broad. I was thinking may be single mothers with their kids? At their home. An hour long session with fellow Denverites, making photos that represent Spring, family, love, and little joys.

I do not want to rule out single subject all together. I would like to work with ladies/gents but incorporate the same theme: Spring and little joys.

I have the idea, but now I need willings folks to actually work with. So, if you or someone you know is in Denver, and are willing to pose in front of my camera with your kids, or just by yourself, for an hour long session at your house, please feel free to reach out to me! Leave a comment or send me a message! Would love to hear from you, Denver!

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