With Kirsten Farabi

Kirsten Farabi -- behind the Colorado based brand Puff's Preserves

Last year, I was at a make-your-own-cheese-board workshop and we were served crackers with goat cheese and jam called Puff’s Preserves made by a local entrepreneur. The jam had a very distinct taste and for days afterwards, I kept craving it. Lazy as I am, I didn’t bother hunting down local retailers of this yummy jam. One day, as I took my homework to one of my go-to cafe’s, I happened to notice a jar on the shelves meant for local goodies for sale, that seemed vaguely familiar. I HAD FOUND IT AT LAST! Bought it, came home, finished half a jar in half a day, and then found anything and everything I could about the lady behind the brand, sent her an email, and a couple of weeks later I was at her doorstep, with my bag of cameras and lenses, to do a photo-shoot. Continue reading “With Kirsten Farabi”