New York City Street Project

Photo from the New York City Street with Polaroid and The Impossible Project Film

It was 2011. I was finally done with school (for the time being) and with no job prospect right away after graduation, I decided I had no reason whatsoever to stay in Colorado Springs, and I could technically go wherever I wanted to. The thought struck me some two weeks or so before the end of my final quarter at uni, and pretty much right away I bought myself a one way ticket to JFK. Quite a last minute decision, but well, that’s usually how I roll. Continue reading “New York City Street Project”

DENY Designs — Home Decor for the Creative Type

Inside DENY Designs -- A Curated Home Decor Shop for the Creative Types -- in Denver, Colorado

Last year I photographed Kim and Dustin Nyhus — the creative heads behind a curated home decor studio DENY Designs, here in Denver. The shoot was initially for a local online publication, however, things did not quite work out and the photoshoot remained half done. Sad really, because I would have loved to get more photographs of this awesome space. But since the deal fell through, I wasn’t able to complete the assignment.

Well, since I practically fell in love with the studio and the items they carry, I figured I would at least share the few photos I did get here on my blog. It would be a shame not to. The day I first went to the studio, I felt like I walked into some fairy tale land. The retail area, or the studio space so to speak was curated with the most fantastic pieces of furnitures and other home decor item imaginable. DENY commissions artists all around the world and then transforms their art into statement pieces that are whimsical yet fully functional. Continue reading “DENY Designs — Home Decor for the Creative Type”

With Anya and Tania

Sisters Anya and Tania of the local jewelry brand Zaaya.

I had the most fun time last year photographing these two sisters — Anya and Tania — the ones behind the local jewelry brand called Zaaya. I am always looking to photograph local creatives (yet another way, attempt rather, for me to be part of the creative world), and I found Zaaya the way I find most of my artist subjects — through Etsy! Continue reading “With Anya and Tania”

How to Get Published in Your Favorite Magazine — A Funky but True Story!

How to get published in your favorite magazine -- a funky, but true story!

In case you did not know, my photos and an interview piece with A Small Print Shop was published on the 25th issue of UPPERCASE Magazine. This post is the story of how I landed the gig in the first place!

It was a brand new year! January 2 or 3, 2015. It was a beautiful morning in Denver, Colorado, with sweatshirt weather in the dead middle of winter… well, that’s Denver for you! School was out for the holidays/winter break, and I was itching to go out and take photos of… something… ANYTHING! And suddenly, I had an idea. I needed a model for my project, so I called my buddy Marc to see if he was available for a little adventure that morning. Being the good sport that he is, he was totally down!

I think I should mention here that it was also a time when I first started to get into the whole Instagram thing. As well as print magazines and blogging (not this one, I had a different blog then)! Basically, being back in school had opened up a lot of time for me and I filled them up with things I had neglected when I was working full time. So… what do we have here? Print magazine, blogging, Instagram… I had an idea. At that time, I had been purchasing some print magazines like Kinfolk, Fellow, UPPERCASE, and a few others. I had also seen people post photos of their favorite magazines on Instagram… and that is exactly what I wanted to do. However, just taking photos of a magazine seemed a little boring, so I wanted to incorporate a few other things… like, my new favorite coffee shop in town, Marc as a model for the photos, etc. So, on that beautiful morning, Marc and I, along with my brand new copy of a back issue of UPPERCASE, headed downtown to Black Eye Coffee Shop. This place was the perfect backdrop for my project with exposed brick walls, tables and chairs made out of reclaimed wood and re-purposed wooden doors and vintage tools. Continue reading “How to Get Published in Your Favorite Magazine — A Funky but True Story!”

With Bre Graziano

Bre Graziano, founder of Fellow Magazine. Photographed by Maliha Mannan.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost two years already that I photographed Bre, the publisher of Fellow — one of my favorite magazines (unfortunately it’s been discontinued ever since.) I discovered Fellow at a local boutique and kind of fell in love with it. Every single article was so beautifully written that it almost felt like a literary magazine! I think it was the first time I read a magazine cover to cover, without skipping a single story! And the photos… boy the photos… loved them! Had this magazine continued, I would have seriously pursued having something of mine published in that magazine. I loved the quality of the magazine, the design, the quality of the content; pretty much every single aspect of it.

It was shortly after I had moved to Denver, and I still hadn’t known very many people in the city. But upon discovering Fellow, I sort of had to reach out to Bre. I simply wanted to chat with her about her aspirations, the future of the magazine, the ideas behind the magazine, etc. And I had hoped that she would also let me take a few photographs of her for my blog and portfolio, which she did… wonderful lady! Continue reading “With Bre Graziano”

Armitage & McMillan — A Men’s Clothing and Lifestyle Boutique in Denver

Armitage & McMillan -- A men's clothing and lifestyle boutique in Denver, Colorado

The LoHi neighborhood of Denver is a pretty hip place. Two years ago, when I first moved here, I used to go on short drives around the city and I remember chancing upon Platte Street in LoHi and thinking to myself — this is cool! Denver is not New York City by any means, nor is it Dallas, but despite being much smaller, this city does offer it’s own, very unique streets and corners.

Back then, I was doing a series of location based stories for Lomography Magazine, and since stumbling upon Armitage & McMillan during one of my local trips, I had decided to include this shop to my story. The photos here are from that series. Continue reading “Armitage & McMillan — A Men’s Clothing and Lifestyle Boutique in Denver”