With Kirsten Farabi

Kirsten Farabi -- behind the Colorado based brand Puff's Preserves

Last year, I was at a make-your-own-cheese-board workshop and we were served crackers with goat cheese and jam called Puff’s Preserves made by a local entrepreneur. The jam had a very distinct taste and for days afterwards, I kept craving it. Lazy as I am, I didn’t bother hunting down local retailers of this yummy jam. One day, as I took my homework to one of my go-to cafe’s, I happened to notice a jar on the shelves meant for local goodies for sale, that seemed vaguely familiar. I HAD FOUND IT AT LAST! Bought it, came home, finished half a jar in half a day, and then found anything and everything I could about the lady behind the brand, sent her an email, and a couple of weeks later I was at her doorstep, with my bag of cameras and lenses, to do a photo-shoot.

Kirsten Farabi turned out to be a really sweet lady who used to be a school teacher (forgot which grade she taught.) She is very soft spoken, shy, and at times gives off a very child-like vibe. Not sure how to explain it, but well, she turned out to be an adorable lady! We talked as we took photos of her, and her creations, in her kitchen, and in her living room.

Lately I haven’t caught sight of Puff’s Preserves around, so when I went to their website, I was greeted with the following message — “We’re Closed for business”. I’m like… WHOAAAA…

I have no clue what Kirsten is up to, but needless to say, I was sad to see Puff’s close down. Whatever Kirsten is planning on doing next, I’m sure it’s going to be just as awesome (and may be yummy too) as Puff’s Preserves had been.

To bid a good farewell in my own way, I figured I would share some of the photos I took that day at Kirsten’s house. She has a cute little house in Broomfield, a tad north of Denver. It’s a bright and cozy place, with an open kitchen space as you’d expect of someone in the food business. Her son is an avid music enthusiast and plays all kinds of instruments, which are displayed on one of the walls in the dining area. I had such fun taking her photos that day! I had meant to go back and do a second run, but we all got busy and it never really happened. But man, now that I know the jam is no more, I wish I had stocked up on it!

May be I should give Kirsten a call and ask if she would make me some? Uhm… may be not.

I wish I could tell you all to go buy this jam, but alas! I can’t! I feel like crying. WHY KIRSTEN? WHAT HAPPENED? WHERE AM I GOING TO GET MY PUFF’S FIX NOW???

Gahh, oh well, life happens and we all move on. With things coming to an end, it is also time for new beginnings. Let’s hope what comes next is better than what has passed, eh?

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