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Spring and New Projects: Denver Folks, I Need You!

Times like these make me want to do things that other people do with their blogs. You know... SEO, social ...
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Year 2016 in Books

I'm still reminiscing 2016. Puuhahahaha... uhm, anyhow. One of the things that totally made 2016 rock was READING! And here's ...
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Photo from the New York City Street with Polaroid and The Impossible Project Film

New York City Street Project

It was 2011. I was finally done with school (for the time being) and with no job prospect right away ...
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How to get published in your favorite magazine -- a funky, but true story!

How to Get Published in Your Favorite Magazine — A Funky but True Story!

In case you did not know, my photos and an interview piece with A Small Print Shop was published on ...
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