10 Reasons Why You Should Hang out at Coffee Shops

There are a lot of perks of hanging out at coffee shops, in familiar and strange cities. Here are ten of them!

I doubt anyone reading this blog would go to a coffee shop always just for the sake of a cup of coffee. I for one, go to coffee shops to drink chai tea latte with soy milk…

Whether you are ordering coffee or tea or hot chocolate (as I often do when I want to switch things up), many of us probably go to coffee shops for various others reasons as well. Here’s my top 10 reasons to go to coffee shops. And here’s to hoping some of these perks of visiting coffee shops will encourage you to do the same, if you do not already… spend a considerable amount of time at cafes, that is.

1. People Watching (In other words, being a Total Creeper!)

It’s pretty fun watching all kinds of people going in and out of coffee shops, and make up imaginary stories and scenarios about them inside your head. Some people go to coffee shops to do their homework, some go to write novels or poems, some do nothing but pour over their phones and sip their coffee, occasionally. Other people go there on dates (always love watching those!) Some go to cafes just to watch other people (ahem!) Coffee shops also tell you a lot about a city or a certain neighborhood in a city. If you know what you are looking for, a cafe sometimes tells the best tales there is to tell.

2. Coffee Shops Possess the Capacity to Fill the Void of a Loner’s Lonely Heart

Imagine the feeling you get when you have visited the same coffee shop so many freakin’ times that the baristas greet you by your name every single time you walk in, and even knows that you like your soy chai heavy on the chai, and lighter on the soy. That barista (or baristas) is a keeper, guys! They are your best friends!

3. It’s Where You Go to Get Work Done

Coffee Shops have the perfect ambience required to solve a complex mathematical problem… that is, until a screaming, yelling, nose dripping, poop in pants start wheezing around while occasionally throwing a nasty look at you. There goes the focus. (I’m sorry, but I’ve never been the favorite aunt or older cousin to the little ones in my family.)

4. Get Picked u… I mean, Courted by Fancy Looking Artsy Folks

This one time in New York City, at a certain Starbucks near SoHo, I got invited to a solo art show on the rooftop of some fancy hotel somewhere in downtown Manhattan. By none other than the artist himself! Who, by the way, I had met for the first time that day! OK, this may not be the most jaw dropping Starbucks story you’ve heard in your life, but it’s close!

5. And You Continue to Meet Interesting People

To somewhat continue on the topic, I’ve also met, hung out, and photographed a couple of New York City based models who I’d met at the very same Starbucks mentioned above.

6. Late Night Coffee Shops are a Great (and better) Alternative to Bars

You get to hear the most amazing and often crazy conversations in late night coffee shops. Cafes that are open after 10pm and are furnished with comfy couches attract a whole different kind of crowd. Even a city that you think you know well, becomes strange once you’re at one of these cafes after 10pm-ish. Drunk folks at bars late at night can be crazy and somewhat mindless at times, but caffeinated folks at night? Now they’re something else altogether. Think MIT grads working at NASA talking about… whatever really smart people talk about. Or, a hippie European chick and a dude in red sweater chatting about some guy they both knew in Paris.

Ohh, and hear this! At a certain coffee shop in Manhattan, New York City, I once overheard a girl in her late teens or early twenties, on the phone with her mother, telling her to stop being a worrywart, because she was perfectly fine, and crashing at friends’ and that if that wasn’t an option, she’d just crash at some park. She had a sleeping bag with her. Oh, and did I mention it was in Manhattan? Like, Manhattan, New York City?


If you need to add some color to your otherwise ordinary life, you know where to go, and when! Timing is the key here, guys!

7. Coffee Shops Can Make You Appear Cool

So, you have friends visiting from out of town. People you haven’t seen in years may be. And they are all smily and eager to get to know the city you live in. Your city! You remember all the times these people made you look uncool, and how, oh how you wished to be better! Well, here’s your chance! Knowing the local coffee shops make you look exactly that! COOL! As much as I love the Starbucks across the street, I always make a point to get to know the local coffee shops in my city.

8. This is Where You Find Potential…

If you’re new in town, coffee shops are where you go to meet people (or potential best friends, or potential life-partners, etc.)

9. Makes for Conversation Topic

When you hear strangers talking about the best place to get soy chai latte, you can just chime in and join the conversation. Not that I’ve ever done it myself (I’m introverted!) but hey, you totally could!

10. Chocolatey Goodness

Is it just me or do only coffee shops carry the most delicious food on Earth called the “Chocolate Croissant”?

Do you go to coffee shops for any of the aforementioned reasons? If you have some of your own reasons for hanging out at coffee shops for hours on, far and close, do share them in the comments!

The photo above was taken at Kaladi Coffee Roasters, practically in my backyards, here in Denver, Colorado, at their E. Evans Ave. location.

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    1. Haah, me too! Surprisingly I can focus much better, better than I can at home or at the library. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.

  1. I’m obsessed with coffee shops! People watching is one of my favorite things to do there! I LOVE seeing how different everyone is! Plus I get some inspiration for new outfits to wear! Hahahaha! <– I'm such a girl I know! Lol!

    1. OMG, I should add that to my next installment of “10-Reasons-to-Hang-at-Coffee-Shops”. But yes, people watching is so much fun! Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your comment 🙂

  2. Love this! Especially #6 about staying late. I have a favorite local tea house that stays open until 10 and the first time I stayed until closing was the first time I discovered they hit a gong when they have their last call for tea! Magical things happen in coffee/tea shops late at night.

    1. That’s so awesome. May I ask in which city this cafe is? The idea of hitting a gong is so cool! Kinda Mystical, actually. I’m glad you liked the post 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Liz.

    1. If you’ve got to go then you’ve got to go! Coffee shop for me is quite necessary. I actually get withdrawal symptoms if I work out of home or the library for too long!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog, Sarah; appreciate it!

  3. Yes, I love to hang at coffee shops! I especially love the ones that are truly created for “hanging”. I’ve had trouble finding ones other than Starbucks in some places of Europe where it feels fine to buy a cup of coffee, open up my laptop or book, and stay awhile.

    1. Oh wow, and here I’ve always had this idea that coffee shops in Europe would be even more suitable for hanging and chilling. All the photos of European coffee shops I keep seeing on Instagram and Pinterest… I suppose it must depend on where in Europe you are, eh?

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