Haruka Sakaguchi, With Regards to Creativity No. 01

An interview with Haruka Sakaguchi of The Denizen Co. for the new interview series.

For a while now I have wanted to interview creatives so I could get a glimpse at the minds behind the work they put forth, and share with my readers. I am so glad to start off the new year with this brand new interview series, with, none other than one of my old time crushes, Haruka Sakaguchi.

Haruka (that’s her right above) always felt like an enigma to me. She is the type of person who up and leaves the comfort of NYC and goes on cross country trips on a van, teaches workshops in Japan, takes photos that kick you in your gut, designs websites and magazines for other kickass people… well, I can go on and on, but may be you’d like to read the interview instead! Oh, and while we were corresponding back and forth, she was actually living off the said van, cruising across California, speaking with and taking photos of “Vietnam veterans living with dignity.”

Isn’t she awesome? Continue reading “Haruka Sakaguchi, With Regards to Creativity No. 01”