With Elizabeth Endicott

Photo session with Elizabeth Endicott, at her cozy little abode in Denver.

Guys… what do you know?! I always find the coolest people on Instagram!! So, about a couple of months ago I somehow ended up on Liz’s Instagram account, and it took me like some 10-12 long swipes across my phone screen to run and get on my laptop and look up Elizabeth Endicott so I could send her a message. I did. She replied. Two months later, I was in her house, taking photos.

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With Anya and Tania

Sisters Anya and Tania of the local jewelry brand Zaaya.

I had the most fun time last year photographing these two sisters — Anya and Tania — the ones behind the local jewelry brand called Zaaya. I am always looking to photograph local creatives (yet another way, attempt rather, for me to be part of the creative world), and I found Zaaya the way I find most of my artist subjects — through Etsy! Continue reading “With Anya and Tania”

With Bre Graziano

Bre Graziano, founder of Fellow Magazine. Photographed by Maliha Mannan.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost two years already that I photographed Bre, the publisher of Fellow — one of my favorite magazines (unfortunately it’s been discontinued ever since.) I discovered Fellow at a local boutique and kind of fell in love with it. Every single article was so beautifully written that it almost felt like a literary magazine! I think it was the first time I read a magazine cover to cover, without skipping a single story! And the photos… boy the photos… loved them! Had this magazine continued, I would have seriously pursued having something of mine published in that magazine. I loved the quality of the magazine, the design, the quality of the content; pretty much every single aspect of it.

It was shortly after I had moved to Denver, and I still hadn’t known very many people in the city. But upon discovering Fellow, I sort of had to reach out to Bre. I simply wanted to chat with her about her aspirations, the future of the magazine, the ideas behind the magazine, etc. And I had hoped that she would also let me take a few photographs of her for my blog and portfolio, which she did… wonderful lady! Continue reading “With Bre Graziano”

With Kirsten Farabi

Kirsten Farabi -- behind the Colorado based brand Puff's Preserves

Last year, I was at a make-your-own-cheese-board workshop and we were served crackers with goat cheese and jam called Puff’s Preserves made by a local entrepreneur. The jam had a very distinct taste and for days afterwards, I kept craving it. Lazy as I am, I didn’t bother hunting down local retailers of this yummy jam. One day, as I took my homework to one of my go-to cafe’s, I happened to notice a jar on the shelves meant for local goodies for sale, that seemed vaguely familiar. I HAD FOUND IT AT LAST! Bought it, came home, finished half a jar in half a day, and then found anything and everything I could about the lady behind the brand, sent her an email, and a couple of weeks later I was at her doorstep, with my bag of cameras and lenses, to do a photo-shoot. Continue reading “With Kirsten Farabi”