Coffee Shop: Sonder Coffee & Tea in Denver

I decided to start the coffee shop reviews on my blog with a new-ish cafe in Denver, called Sonder Coffee and Tea. Why this particular cafe? Hmm… don’t know! It just so happened. There are a lot of coffee shops in Denver. Some days it’s just plain difficult to choose which one to go to. I usually start with asking myself why I am going to a coffee shop. Depending on the answer, I choose the cafe of the day. And just in case you are wondering what other purpose I may have for going to a coffee shop other than drinking coffee (or tea, in my case), then here I have a blog post┬álisting 10 reasons why I may go to a cafe on any given day. Continue reading “Coffee Shop: Sonder Coffee & Tea in Denver”

10 Reasons Why You Should Hang out at Coffee Shops

There are a lot of perks of hanging out at coffee shops, in familiar and strange cities. Here are ten of them!

I doubt anyone reading this blog would go to a coffee shop always just for the sake of a cup of coffee. I for one, go to coffee shops to drink chai tea latte with soy milk…

Whether you are ordering coffee or tea or hot chocolate (as I often do when I want to switch things up), many of us probably go to coffee shops for various others reasons as well. Here’s my top 10 reasons to go to coffee shops. And here’s to hoping some of these perks of visiting coffee shops will encourage you to do the same, if you do not already… spend a considerable amount of time at cafes, that is. Continue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Hang out at Coffee Shops”